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August 1, 2013 at 3:35 pm 1 comment

I dunno. I sit down and think, “hey I should write something in that blog,” or, “hey, I DO want to write something in this blog,” but by the time I sit down to write, I just either don’t feel like it or it’s gone outta my head or whatever. But here I am, my sporadic entry for the month. It’s August, my favorite month for obvious reasons. And it’s the first day of it. Last month saw a number of first-in-a-long-time things happen and I hope the trend continues in August and beyond. I finally, FINALLY, felt like I was training last month and not just kinda screwing around running when it was convenient. I MADE running convenient at times (and it was still inconvenient at other times, but I made it work). I finish July healthy and better than I started it, which is about the best I could have hoped for. I’m actually pretty happy for a change so I guess that’s probably why I have less of a problem actually writing something up about it (that and the fact that I have something to write about instead of just saying, uh yeah, I’m running, some, and uh, doing other stuff, and oh yeah it’s hot. yeah).

First off, July was the first month since last September I ran more than 300 miles for the month. Yeah. Wow. Jeez. I can remember back in like 2008 or 2009 when I thought 300 this magic-like number that if I went above it would make me a ‘real’ runner or some such nonsense. Then I started taking things like that for granted early last year. And then life and injury happened. And even though I didn’t run quite as much as I’d planned, I ran consistently and put in the miles and am at a place where I can build upon that. So, yay.

I also ran more than 100 miles in a week for the first time in a while. Actually, it had been almost exactly one year since that happened, as astounding as that sounds. And it had been even longer since I put one together that didn’t have some sort of long race involved (I had to go back to mid-June for that!). It’s been a slow, arduous, frustrating process to get healthy and then be able to build and re-find the consistency and dedication to getting out there every day (or almost every day) and doing what I need. Just like with the monthly mileage, this isn’t meant to be seen as a stop and congratulate myself type thing, it’s an ‘ok, good, this step complete, let’s keep building’ type thing.

There are other things — like finally doing a 20+ mile run, something I haven’t done enough of this year or in a long while outside of a race. And just sometimes enjoying the act and not dreading how I’m going to feel. I can’t say enough good stuff about John Stiner, the monthly tune-ups I’ve gotten have certainly helped and I’m looking forward to making it bi-monthly or more as big races (and big miles) start coming. I was on a long run with Paul a few weekends ago and he mentioned that it seems I’m approaching running from a really good place, that I seem to be running for myself, for personal satisfaction and improvement instead of external reinforcement or motivation. It’s true. It’s part of why I stopped posting on Dailymile for half the year, because I didn’t want the often phony sounding praise or encouragement. And it’s why I feel I can be back there, because I still don’t seek it or need it but I DO like to keep myself accountable (and the cool graphs, of course). It’s probably another reason why I haven’t blogged much also. I just don’t find myself that interesting. My running is mine, my goals are mine and I don’t need anyone telling me they’re unrealistic and foolish OR that they’re attainable and to keep striving. Which makes me a pretty awful blogger I guess.

But I will at least write more ABOUT my boring journey and stuff. I’ve been told some people do find it interesting. And this way Mom knows what I’m up to so she doesn’t worry I’m out there killing myself (or at least knows HOW I am potentially killing myself, love you Mom!). It’s not a very well kept secret that I’m focusing on the 24 hour event this fall, out at the Croatan 24 here in NC. I have had one disastrous 24 hour race, I’ve done another that I never intended to run for the entire time. That’s 0 for 2 by my count on successful 24 hour races. One thing I’ve learned is it is certainly a different animal than even 100 miles. I didn’t almost end up in the hospital at any point during or after Umstead. And I don’t want to just get through the one in November without any IVs. I’d like to qualify for the US 24 hour world championships team. Thinking about all the amazing runners who will likely be vying for or are already guaranteed a spot, that is a BIG challenge. But just like with all of my running goals lately, the challenge is what makes it worth it.

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  • 1. squishy  |  August 24, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    I heard a song that made me think of you (I don’t mean that to sound creepy) and realized I never heard back from you. How is life?


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