Weekly Recap 2/20 – 26 (and some more navel gazing)

February 27, 2012 at 3:40 pm 2 comments

Another pretty good week here. This is something I will not get tired of saying. Let’s jump right in and then I’ll prattle on about running- related stuff and also semi- to barely-relevant crap that will probably cause most readers’ eyes to glaze over long before they’re done.

Mon – am: 6 miles, 45:15, Black Creek greenway to Umstead & back//pm: 22 miles, 3:06, Umstead, bridle trail with 2x Turkey Creek loop (meaning, HILLS)
Tue – am: 4 miles,  37:30, Duke XC loop//pm: 16 miles, 1:53, ATT (soft side), 3 easy, 9 miles moderate (sorta maybe M pace?  56:49; splits: 6:28, 6:27, 6:27, 6:24, 6:12, 12:40 2 mile, 6:07, 6:04), 4 easy
Wed – am: 5 miles,  45 min, Duke XC loop//pm: 8 miles, 56 min, Duke east campus loop//evening: massage from John Stiner, ouch, and yay
Thu – am:  off//pm: 18 miles, 2:24, Duke XC loops, first ~7 with Alicia Parr, last 11ish solo and a little slower
Fri – am: 7 miles, 57 min, BCG to Umstead & back//pm: 15 miles, 2:04, random roads along Lake Gaston near Littleton, NC
Sat – am: 5 miles, 47 min, more random roads on Lake Gaston//pm: 4 miles, 37 min around Parkville with Johnny
Sun – am: 20 miles total incl Club Challenge 10 miler (59:30), 1.5 jog warm-up, 8.5 miles (75 min) after with Johnny

Total for week – 130 miles, ~17.5 hours

Relative to last week, about an hour or so less running, which makes sense as there are eight less miles. Not a big deal. The volume is still within a range that I want it in. And I got in two sorta quality runs (Tuesday’s whatever sort of quicker run and then yesterday’s race). I’ll talk more in depth about Club Challenge in a separate post. For the week’s recap purposes it suffices to say that the first half of the race felt considerably easier than Tuesday’s effort, the next three miles felt like a tempo workout, and the last two felt hard. To have that be how I cap off the fourth consecutive pretty high mileage week was a nice confidence booster. I commented to Johnny toward the end of our post-race run that my legs actually felt like they could/wanted to keep going for another hour or two. I’m finally starting to feel like I’ve shaken off the general laziness and rust that lingered like a bad infection for 2+ months after Stone Cat.

This coming week, the goal is to get the volume a little higher and do a longer long run. Last week’s longest was 22 and that was on Monday, but in general I think it was a good way to recharge from the 44 miler. I’m running  the Umstead trail marathon on Saturday which utilizes a lot of the same ground as the 100 mile course. My plan is to run about 30ish Saturday including the race, hard but not all out, and then come back Sunday and do my standard two course loop 30 mile long run. Monday – Friday is going to be just volume, maybe another half-assed workout Tuesday or Wednesday. Getting down to crunch time, less than five weeks to Umstead.

Now for some semi-related ramblings! It was really awesome to see so many people I like a whole lot this weekend. I got to stay with Johnny and Sara Saturday night. Johnny quickly became one of my best friends when I moved to the Baltimore area  a few years ago and the two of them recently got engaged. They are two of the best and awesomest people I’ve ever known and getting a chance to see them, and run some with Johnny, was a big factor in me deciding to inconvenience myself by driving 5 hours north Saturday afternoon and then turning right around and heading back to NC Sunday afternoon. I also got to meet Stella, their rambunctious, playful kitten, who cuddled with me a bit while I was sleeping on the floor Saturday night (I felt a little like I was cheating on Puck, my own kitty). At the race I got to see basically anyone who runs in Baltimore. It was particularly nice catching up with Dan for a bit after the race, and David too. I also finally got the sweet plaque and a tech material BRRC polo for winning last year’s Grand Prix series for my age group. I also got to see Henry Peck, Christian, and Serge. Coincidentally, I spent the first 5 miles of the race running in a group of mostly Falls Road guys and Serge. I ended up finishing about 40 seconds ahead of him, which was kind of surreal, as he’s been one my running idols for a few years now. I’m sure at Umstead it will be just as cool to try not to get lapped by him!

Now for some less-running-specific ramblings that are probably interesting primarily just to me, but because this is my blog and I have too much rattling around in my head, I need somewhere to get these thoughts out…Under basically any other circumstance, the race (and the seeing awesome people that went along with it) would have easily been the highlight of my week, and basically my month too as I haven’t had a lot of social and/or fun time in February. However, it was not. Instead, the highlight of the week (month) was the part of the long drive home from Baltimore to Cary. Specifically the part where I spent three hours in Fredericksburg, VA. This IS somewhat running-related because the drive home certainly affected the way this new week is starting. I had planned to leave shortly after getting back to Johnny’s and getting showered. I didn’t leave on time. I almost never leave anywhere on time. This resulted in me getting to Fredericksburg at 6pm instead of more like lunch time. But ultimately, I think that was serendipitous. I got to have a delicious semi-spicy burger with a chile habanero rub and applewood bacon and PINEAPPLE at Capital Ale House. I also got to taste Dogfish Head’s Bitches Brew (but just a sip, a 10oz cost $13.50 and I had to drive home still). I also spent three hours utterly wrapped up in the company I was keeping, having a great damn time, actually happy and relaxed for a change, and reminded of how good life had started to feel back last June.

Unfortunately, I had to get back on the road and finish driving. I had popped a 200mg caffeine pill and chugged some Coke to ensure that I wouldn’t fall asleep and slam into something and once back at the apartment, I was definitely still feeling those effects. All of that meant I ended up finally settling down some time after 3am and only getting about 3 hours of sleep. I was surprised how ok I felt on my 4 mile morning jog today but all I can think about right now is going home and taking a nap. The past few weeks, Monday has gotten the week off to a good start with some fairly high mileage. That probably won’t be the case today. So this week will be different but no worse. Yesterday managed to provide cause for a bit more optimism and positivity than usual for me; both with running and life in general. Pretty great end to another good week.

Til next time, RUN HAPPY everyone!

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Weekly recap 2/13 – 19 (and ramblings) Club Challenge 2012 race report

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  • 1. Dan Miranda  |  February 27, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Glad you got your plaque! Everyone was wondering where you were at the awards night to which I had to say, “he moved to NC!”

  • 2. Hope Knight  |  February 27, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    Once again, another great blog . . . I am becoming a regular RunningManz junkie! In all seriousness, though, there are two reasons why I enjoy reading your posts so much. For one, it is really nice to follow a blog of a great runner and athlete that is respectful of others and happy with progress and is on the verge of some really cool stuff! Kudos to you! The other reason, less of a runner attribute and more of a human one . . . it seems you struggle with a lot of the same insecurities I do and you are overcoming them. And, in the process, you are kind and open and sincere about it all. It really comes across in your writing. And for that, I truly thank you. :)

    I wanted to let you know that things continue to get better on my end, too! Work, personal life and running are all moving in a positive and happy direction again. I enjoy my runs and I am beginning to get back the sensation of “mental tumbleweeds” when out on a run again! Ah, bliss!

    Keep up the great athleticism and the inspirational blogs! You are making a difference, even from a 1000 miles away. :)


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