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April 16, 2011 at 11:16 am 1 comment

So I have, once again, been a pretty bad blogger. It’s been WEEKS since any sort of update. And it’s not like nothing has been going on. I just tend to get verbose in my writings and after a few days it gets kind of daunting to write some sort of epic catch up post again. My problem has always been I have too much to say usually. Well that and the ADHD. But I don’t want to let all that I have been meaning to write just fall by the way side. So in the next few (or notsofew) lines I will attempt some brevity and some thoroughness on the past monthish in the world of my running.

First let’s go back to that 10k trail race I ran. No, not because I want to bask in the glow of victory some more. At least not the race victory. That Sunday I ALSO won a really sweet Powerbar giveaway from a Adrienne, an awesome fellow Brooks IDer. I LOVE their trail mix bars and the energy chews so it was pretty sweet to get some more for my training and general noshing.

Moving on. The week after the White Hall 15k I was back at it, racing wise. Johnny, Jess, and I headed up to Wilmington, DE to run the Optimum Health Group 5k by the riverfront. The Wilmington Riverfront is one of my favorite places to race. It’s super flat and generally attracts at least a handful of pretty fast guys despite the races generally being smallish and local in flavor. This was no different. I didn’t ever get around to writing one of my long, detailed race reports for whatever reason but I’ll quickly recap it: Wore the Green Silences, opted to go with compression-y shorts to see how that felt racing in (I liked it), went out in 5:24 which felt sustainable, the wind along the river during mile 2 was worse than expected and it showed in my drop off to 5:46, held strong in the last mile despite my legs protesting and ended up with a 17:30, good for 3rd place. I was alright with everything, my achilles didn’t hurt, I ran exactly what I thought I’d run given that I had cut out all quality work and haven’t done ANY specific 5k work since last year, and it was a bit windy. Johnny ran a BIG PR despite being in marathon mode. The best part of the day was easily the Mushroom Madness Omelet from Home Grown Cafe in good old Newark (GO BLUE HENS!). AMAZING!

The past few weeks have been less exciting and less positive. The achilles soreness I have been experiencing in varying degrees of severity since the Shamrock 5k has not waned. It also never got bad enough to make me consider shutting things down again. I’ve been able to put together back-to-back weeks of 44 and 47 miles. Last Saturday I actually did a 16 mile long run on the NCR which went better than I could have planned. 8 easy miles, 2 miles threshold (6:05, 5:52), 5 miles moderate (33:40), and an easy mile back to the car. All of that about six hours after one of the more intense strength training sessions I’ve had in years (LOTS of heavy cleans)!

Speaking of strength training, that’s one area that has been really excellent of late. No I’m not even close to as strong as I was when I was focused on power lifting. I’m also about 30 pounds lighter than I was back then (but I’ll take the 4-5 minute faster 5k as a fair trade off) but occasionally, when I’m struggling with 200 pound squats, I get a little wistful.  I can’t say for sure how much it’s helping the running because it’s only been about a month of consistent 2x/week lifting but I FEEL great. And stronger. And everything I’ve read/experienced tells me this will pay off, eventually. At the very least, I’m fairly sure this will help me avoid a repeat of any hamstring related issues again (those hamstrings are MUCH stronger these days).

In the meantime, I’m trying to get back to 100%. And it’s not a linear progression. Some days, like the 16 miler, everything clicks and the achilles isn’t an issue at all. Other days it takes a mile or two and then the soreness subsides or lessens enough to not be problematic. But this week has been a different story. It’s been more sore of late, despite NOT racing for a change last weekend and continuing to not do any workouts. My massage therapist Nic (HIGHLY recommended if you’re in the Baltimore/DC area, worth the 30 minute drive for me) worked on the area really well a few weeks ago and showed me some mobility drills that I’ve been faithfully doing. I took Wednesday off. Thursday things were alright. But still, yesterday as I set off around noon it got sore enough for me to bag it within two minutes. I’m likely not running again today but I’ll be making friends with the pool and two aquajog belts (yes I need two, I sink like a rock).

I’ve got Pikes Peek 10k in Rockville tomorrow, one of my “target” races for the spring. I’m pretty sure I’ll be alright to run it. I’ve already accepted that it will not be quite the result I had hoped for when signing up thanks to all the missed workouts and reduced volume but I would still like to PR (mine is still kinda soft), or at the very least show myself that a sub-60 at Broad Street is realistic. I’ve sort of shifted Broad Street to a bigger goal this spring because I’ve at least had some threshold workouts and I feel better suited to running a 10 mile race than a shorter one at this point. Hopefully things can hold together at least til then.

I’ve got more to talk about, Spring Break and my plans for it. But I’ll wait til later, this post is long enough already. Hope all of you out there are having a great spring racing season and enjoying the much better weather.

Til next time, RUN HAPPY everyone!

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  • 1. The Puerto Rican Kenyan  |  April 16, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    I was wondering what you were up to as of late. Your racing is absolutely sick, and it sounds like the strength training is playing a role in your success.

    Looking forward to seeing how the rest of your spring racing continues!


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