Shamrock 5k results update & more!

March 17, 2011 at 5:48 pm 1 comment

A quick update on the 5k results and some talk about this week thus far. I meant to write this a day or so ago but it’s been a whirlwind sort of busy week (read: busy researching and filling out my NCAA bracket and doing some running).

I want to sincerely thank Charm City Run. Sunday night my elation over a huge PR at the Shamrock 5k was tempered a bit when my name was missing from the overall results. I emailed the contact person that evening and Monday morning I awoke to a reply that there had been an issue with my chip at the finish and was putting me in manually. I admit to being a bit impatient about it all but by Monday evening, there I was: 27th out of 3,905 finishers with an official 17:07, a full 40 second PR! Awesome.

This week has thus far been as good as I could have hoped for following Sunday. I don’t think my Achilles was particularly happy with that hard downhill start and felt kind of sore on my cool down jog afterward. I have dealt with it enough to recognize what needs to be done and diligently iced/stretched/rolled it that evening. This week so far it has not become an issue. I am still aware of it more than usual but it hasn’t gone from soreness/tightness to something worse. At this point I know the difference and I know when to back off and I’m going to trust that what I’m doing to prevent it from worsening will work and if it doesn’t, I CAN cut back before having to bail on another couple weeks of training.

With that said, I gave myself two easy days in the sense that the intensity of running was very light. Monday my big (read: box literally half the size of Jess big) shipment from Brooks came – four pairs of shoes, two new shorts, and a Nightlife long sleeve [picture]. Monday night I was in the mood for some cushioning and extra support so I took my brand new Ravennas for a spin. They were exactly what I wanted. Tuesday I punished the legs with more squats and stiff-legged deadlifts and other such weight lifting fun. I’m really glad I’ve recommitted to strength work again, I’ve always run my best (and healthiest) when that was a consistent component of my training. Plus, squats are fun!

Last night I had a really encouraging rep workout at Goucher (curse you Hopkins track for being closed before 6pm!). 2x[200, 400, 600, 400, 200] all done at Daniels’ rep pace (which is about mile race pace) with full active recoveries. The splits were quicker than I’d anticipated (first set – 36, 75, 1:55, 75, 36/second set – 39, 73, 1:52, 74, 36), especially because I was feeling kind of flat on the warm up, but I was pleased with how smooth and in control I felt and how I was recovering quicker than I normally do. I had planned on taking a bit of a long break between sets which I did, but I did not anticipate spending most of it in the port-a-potty. Guess that’s the price I pay for eating a delicious gooey quesadilla immediately before working out. I think the second set was quicker overall because I was about two pounds lighter!

The rest of this week will be a bit more low key. Friday I’m planning to do some mile repeats at threshold pace, one of my favorite workouts. Sunday I’m doing a much different sort of race from last weekend – a trail 10k put on by the BRRC. $28 cheaper, 100% less spectators, bells & whistles, 100% more dirt. At heart, I’m a trail runner so this should be a fun, low-key day. I’ll be doubling the course after to get a long run out of it. And that’s all I got for today, now it’s almost time to start obsessively refreshing my browser until I get out of work and get to a tv.


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  • 1. Adrienne Langelier  |  March 21, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    Way to start out the season! Congrats on scoring a PR and free schwag!!

    Also, glad to hear positive spin on the Ravennas, cuz they’re comin within a week or two to me!


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